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Werzalit Cafe Tables

Werzalit – wood on the inside, strong on the outside.

Only freshly cut wood from domestic deciduous and coniferous trees is used to manufacture Werzalit table tops. Finely chipped and with the addition of special resin, the material Werzalit is produced under heat and high pressure.

In addition to its weatherproof properties and resistance to moisture, it also has a particularly high degree of dimensional stability.

Nevertheless, particularly dark decors can absorb heat of up to 70 °C during exposure to direct sunlight, resulting for example in a change to the optically plane surface if the tables are not sufficiently supported by a frame. Although this concave distortion is reversed by itself as the exposure to sunlight recedes and temperatures drop, Werzalit table tops have a basic convex form up to 3 mm/m, although remaining deformation of up to ± 4 mm/m lies within the permissible tolerances.

Irrespective of this, the stability and perfect function of Werzalit table tops are ensured at all times. The observance of a few simple rules will therefore serve primarily as a preventative measure and also guarantee a perfect look for a number of years.

A choice of extremely light to no more than medium-dark shades for decors, particularly for external areas. Unlike darker decors, they reflect the light and considerably reduce surface warming. In addition, they have a positive effect on the atmosphere for your guests.

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