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Ningbo Furniture stocks a wide range of chairs that are suitable for a wide range of venues, including churches, cafes, restaurants, schools, conference centres and sports clubs. Some of the chairs can be stacked for storage or moving, some can be folded and some, like those in this category, can be folded and stacked which can often mean that you can store a good quantity in a limited amount of space.

The resin folding stacking chairs on this page are extremely versatile and very strong. They also look stylish which makes them suitable for a whole range of occasions held at all sorts of venues. Particularly popular at weddings and wedding receptions that are held outdoors thanks to their durable and weatherproof nature. The seats themselves have a slight padding, which also makes them more comfortable than other chairs of this particular type.

When folded, they can be stacked either in storage or onto a trolley, which will help you move them around your venue much more freely and quickly.

To learn more about folding chairs, stacking chairs or those that can do both, please contact us either by telephone, where a member of our sales team will help you with any questions you have or via email, which we will endeavour to reply to as soon as possible.

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