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Plastic Catering Tables | Plastic Trestle Tables | Blow Moulded Trestle Tables

The plastic catering table or plastic trestle table is one of the most popular tables of this kind on the market and here at Ningbo Furniture we stock a good variety of both wooden and plastic catering tables. This is our selection of the plastic version and although they come in many different sizes, there are two basic shapes available, with a round option and a rectangular option.

Although relatively lightweight, they are still strong and sturdy when in position and plastic feet help to prevent any slipping on floor surfaces, as well as preventing any damage. All of the tables can be folded flat and depending on your chosen shape and size, can be stacked 20 – 40 high (see individual table details). This makes them ideal for storage, so in a church hall for example, they can easily be put out before an event and safely stored away again afterwards in relatively quick time. If you want to stack and move them at the same time, we also stock a selection of table trolleys to make this easier.

For lots more information about this range of plastic catering tables and our other related products, such as stacking chairs, please call our sales team or drop us an email.

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