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The Ningbo Furniture Alphabet – D-G

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Desks – Our range of office furniture was a new addition in 2013 and added another string to the Ningbo – “bow”. Our desks are competitively priced, so if you are looking for a new desk for your old office or a new desk for your brand new business venture, this could make an ideal starting point. 
Emperor – Whilst stopping just short of claiming to be royalty, Ningbo does have some illustrious links. The company is named after a city in eastern China and we have indeed supplied some of our furniture to the Royal Palace in Monaco. We also have a line of Emperor stacking chairs.

Folding chairs are particularly useful for storage purposes and even more so if they both fold and stack. We stock a range of chairs in this particular category in a variety of materials.
Gallery – This is a great part of the Ningbo website for our customers. Instead of just seeing a picture of a chair or a table in isolation (which does have its own benefits), our gallery shows you a range of our products actually in situ, being used as they were intended.

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