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Ningbo juggles circus donation for kids

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Ningbo Furniture is proud to announce their support for Circus Starr, a touring circus troupe which raises funds for local charities.


The not-for-profit organisation was founded in 1987 and gives away more than £1.3 million in tickets to community groups and children and their families so they can see the act for free.
Ningbo’s Managing Director Chris Stockton said he was “delighted” to be able to help.
“I think it’s a great cause and to see children enjoying the circus is just great. A fantastic family day out where everyone can have fun and forget their troubles for the day.”
Although Ningbo has rapidly grown it is still a family business at heart and it knows the importance of family time.
Circus Starr is a touring circus troupe boasting world-class, professional artists.
The organisation can only exist through the generosity and support of businesses. It is their financial support which makes it possible for Circus Starr to put together a 75 venue national tour throughout the UK three times a year.
Ningbo’s £100 donation will pay for six children to attend the circus for free.
The Down Syndrome Support Group is run by parent volunteers and they go to the circus every year. The group believes the act helps their members gain confidence and deal with everyday anxieties.

You can follow Circus Starr on Twitter @CircusStarr, Facebook and Google+.

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