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Folding Tables

Ningbo Furniture stocks a wide variety of folding tables. Although available in many different shapes and sizes, there are perhaps two main categories to narrow down your search. The kind of folding table you require might very well be dictated by the kind of event or function you have planned, or, if they are to be a permanent feature, by the venue they will be situated in.

So, there are a range of wooden folding tables and a range of plastic folding tables. The main advantage of the plastic table is that it can be comfortably used outdoors, with an easy to clean and wipe surface. So, if you are planning an outdoor party, perhaps to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or wedding, these tables can be ideal. With no assembly required, just take them out of storage, unfold them and you are ready to go.

The same applies to the wooden tables, only these are more suitable to indoor events and could be used in many venues such as schools, conference centres, hotels or as catering tables in church function rooms. Many of the folding tables can be stacked as many as 20- 40 high when in the folded position, which makes them ideal for storage and transportation.

Small Folding Tables

With a range of sizes from 2ft 6in up to 8ft our small folding tables are very popular with the 4ft white plastic trestle table being our best seller. Small square folding tables are ideal for parties and for smaller function rooms.

For more information about any of the above event tables or our range of chairs (many of which will work perfectly as a combination), please call us or email us with your enquiry for folding tables and chairs.

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