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Café Tables

There’s much to think about and consider when setting up or revamping a restaurant or café business and making the right decision about the cafe tables and chairs can be as important as the ingredients on the menu. If your business doesn’t look the part, it doesn’t matter how “5 Star” the food is when the chairs and tables are empty and the chef is left twiddling his thumbs in the kitchen.

Choose your café table design, style & finish

Ningbo is here to help in your decision making process with this wide range of tables suitable for restaurants, cafes, bistros, pubs as well as other establishments and environments. If you are just giving an existing café a facelift, the tables and chairs are likely to be the finishing touch so perhaps choosing something with a bit of sparkle or class to really make hungry diners notice as they walk past your window is the way to go. Perhaps wood café tables will complement the rest of your décor perfectly and we stock a varied range of wooden tables and chairs that are bound to look super stylish at your venue. If you prefer a different sort of finish or “look” then perhaps aluminium could be an option. Even better, are the prices, which, here at Ningbo Furniture, we know will be super competitive. Let’s have a quick look at some of the examples available:

Wood Cafe Tables

Let’s first look at probably the most versatile option available in the wooden table range – the trestle table . It’s available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and because of its aforementioned versatility is suited to a whole range of different venues. They can be used as a permanent fixture or can be brought out of storage just when the occasion demands. Available in either a rectangular/square or round shape, most of these tables also fold into a flat position for easy storage and cleaning. The round wooden tables start as small as 3ft and go up to 6ft and there is also a 5ft half-moon table , especially handy if you are trying to make the most of dining space up against walls. You can also get a 2ft 6in square table and a number of sizes in the rectangular shape. The trestle table can be used as it is but to glam it up a little, just add a nice tablecloth that blends in with the décor of your café, restaurant or bistro. Plastic trestle tables (with blow moulded tops) in very similar sizes and shapes are also stocked by Ningbo Furniture.

Lightweight Aluminium Café Tables

The classic aluminium café table is another of Ningbo’s most popular products and it’s easy to see why – it’s so simple yet so stylish all at the same time and has a great price to make it all around great value. Aluminium restaurant tables are light and make then an ideal choice if you have a roadside café or bistro and have to move your tables and chairs on a twice daily basis – setting them up in the morning and then removing them to be placed in storage overnight. Again, there are a number of examples to choose from, including tall café tables (check out the Estrel Poseur Table ), round, square ( Valras and Calais ) as well as rectangular ( Sete Aluminium Café Table ) options too.

Wooden Restaurant Tables

For something perhaps a little more formal and perhaps a little more “evening dining”, take a look at the Chester range of restaurant tables and chairs. Made from a lovely dark elm wood, this range is effortlessly elegant and very reasonable in terms of price. The classy wooden finish is stylish enough to grace any classy restaurant but also looks perfectly at home in cafes, hotels, bistros and pubs. There is also a smaller round elm wood table available which is equally attractive in design and finish.

Table Tops and Bases

There’s more? Yes, there’s more! Ningbo Furniture also stocks a wide variety of individual café table tops and bases from the renowned Werzalit brand. Choose the shape, size, colour/finish type and quantity of your table tops and if you don’t already have the table bases, you can select these too.

Finishing Table Touches

So, as you choose your tables, think about the size and proportion of your venue – what’s going to work best? Round café tables ? Tall pub tables ? Or something different altogether? It might be that this is the final piece of the jigsaw and will see your exciting business venture all coming together and it’s so important to get it right. We have really only just scratched the surface of telling you about the range of Ningbo Furniture tables, for much more information, select an individual product to find out about details such as easy to clean surfaces (including which products are weather proof), protective rubber feet (to prevent scratches to café floors), how many diners is each table suitable for, easy to fold for storage, stacking and transportation and much, much more.

If you would like a more personal touch as you try to choose the best products for your venue, then please don’t hesitate to call a member of our friendly and always ready to help telesales team. They will be happy to listen to your requirements and with an intimate knowledge of the product range will be able point you in the right direction and give you as much information and advice as you need.

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