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​In the Driving Seat with Ningbo’s Range of Chairs

Posted by Chris Stockton on

special occasion Ningbo Furniture

Regardless of whether you want to fold it, stack it, link it, move it, meet on it, eat on it, work on it, pray on it, get married near it, have it inside, outside or both, ultimately you just want to sit on it! That is the whole point of a chair after all. Of course the range of chairs at Ningbo Furniture give you the scope to do all of those above mentioned things, depending on your preferences and enterprise but more than anything you want to know you are getting a high quality piece of furniture that you can sit down on.

All of Ningbo’s chairs meet the relevant British safety and quality standards, so your mind can instantly be put at ease, now it’s just a case of working out which are the best ones for the job. A chair isn’t just for Christmas you know (although they are relatively essential at that time of year too!)

Stacking– Chairs that stack can be extremely useful if your venue is used frequently but has limited space. After each event, stacking them (often as many as 10 high) can not only help you with the clean-up operation (some of those functions can get really messy can’t they?) but also with storage. Being able to move chairs in multiples can generally speed everything up too, whether it’s clearing away or setting up.

Folding – Chairs that can be folded are also versatile and useful both in terms of storage and transportation. Folding chairs are often much easier (because they can be folded into a flat position) to transport than those that don’t fold.

Folding and Stacking – Is this the holy grail of chair functionality? Folding and stacking? At the same time? Yes a number of the Ningbo chairs can do this and of course, referencing the points above, can be very handy!

Special Occasions – Sometimes you just need a chair that looks the part. Whether it’s for a wedding reception, special anniversary dinner or very important business meeting or conference – first impressions last and there are a number of options at Ningbo to ensure that your seating arrangements are absolutely perfect for the occasion. With a range of materials and finishes it’s really a case of picking out your favourites and enjoying the big day!

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