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Chiavari Chairs – They're Presidential You Know!

Posted by Chris Stockton on

Chiavari Chairs – Good Enough for the President!

Chiavari Ice Chair

The Chiavari chair or Chiavari styled chair is popular with event planners all around the world. The first chair of its kind was made by a cabinet maker heralding from the coastal town of … (no points for guessing) …Chiavari in Italy way back in 1807.

It’s a very stylish looking piece of furniture and throughout the years, there have been many examples produced. It is highly likely, that you will have either seen or sat on a Chiavari style chair at some point in your life, despite its Presidential status.

The White House itself is believed to be home to a number of these chairs with some apparently situated in the Family Dining room and more still in the State Dining room. According to Wikipedia, “silver Chiavaris were used during the inauguration of Barack Obama as seating for his family and guests”.

So, if you are planning a special event in the near future or own a hotel, restaurant or other dining facility, you could do a lot worse than this beautifully styled chair.

Ningbo Furniture stocks a number of Chiavari style chairs, including the popular banqueting chair – made from beech wood and available in a number of different colours. Then there are the Chiavari ice chairs and ice stools which really have to be seen to be believed - A thoroughly modern interpretation of a 200 year old design! The “ice” models as well as looking pretty fantastic are also almost unbreakable, despite the frosty, fragile appearance, so will have a very healthy lifespan.

For more information about any of these chairs or indeed any other products at Ningbo Furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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