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A Quick Guide to Ningbo Furniture - Acrostic Style

Posted by Chris Stockton on

Ningbo Furniture is a supplier of tables and chairs suited to a whole host of venues and situations but in particular, special events such as weddings and celebration functions.

Ice Chairs are really cool – not in the frosty sense but in that they look out of this world! Practically see through, super strong and they look particularly stylish under coloured lights.

Napoleon chairs are either available in standard banqueting form or in the option we have just mentioned – the ice chair style. Either way, they look great!

Gold is just one of the colour options available when ordering some of our chairs and very regal they look indeed! Depending on which chairs you are ordering, there are a variety of colours for both the fabric and the frame.

Banqueting furniture – No special event is complete without some of Ningbo’s banqueting furniture – featuring a range of chairs and tables too!

Offers – The main Ningbo Furniture website is well worth a daily visit as there is always a range of special offers and sale items to choose from. Take a Peek!

Trestle Tables are extremely versatile and can be used for anything from a church lunch, jumble sale or when a lovely table cloth is added, something much, much grander like a wedding reception.

Accessories – These are often the unsung heroes that nobody looks at but actually can come in handy. Things like connecting clips for chairs, seat pads and even spray paint can be found here.

Bar Stools – Unless you have very durable elbows, it can be pretty uncomfortable spending much time at the bar without a bar stool. Ningbo stocks a range of stools stylish enough and functional enough to encourage even the most hesitant to spend a bit longer at the hotel or restaurant bar.

Letters – If you don’t want to miss a single bit of Ningbo Furniture news then signing up for the newsletter will make sure you don’t!

Emperor Chairs, like their Napoleon cousins are available in a variety of colours and finishes and also like the Napoleon are hugely reliable banqueting chairs.

Special Events such as weddings, anniversaries and other parties are tailor made for Ningbo Furniture products and with a range of tables and chairs available, make sure your occasion is a successful one.


Cafes – If you are in the process of kitting out a new café or refurbishing an existing one, our range of café tables and cafe chairs may provide just the inspiration you need.

Half Moon Table – As trestle tables go, this is one of the more unique ones and with a half-moon design can be used in a number of different positions – either free standing or against a wall to utilise available space.

Arms – It’s fair to say that many of Ningbo’s chairs don’t have armrests but there are always those who require or prefer to be able to rest arms when sitting – so there are a number of these particular chairs to choose from too.

Information – If you want more information about Ningbo Furniture the company or wish to speak to someone about the product range, then either the “About Us” or “Contact Us” pages are the next ports of call. If you want more immediate contact, then the helpline/order number is printed brightly and bold at the top of every page of the website.

Restaurant Furniture is also on the menu at Ningbo with a range of tables, chairs and…if you are feeling particularly adventurous a restauranttable builder!

Stacking Chairs come in many different shapes, sizes and colours at Ningbo Furniture. Being able to stack the chairs before and after events and during transportation can be particularly useful. A trolley is also available for some of the stacking chairs.

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