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A Banquet Fit for a Ningbo Furniture Customer

Posted by Chris Stockton on

A Banquet Fit for a Ningbo Furniture Customer

According to Dictionary.com the words “banquet” or “banqueting” can mean the following:

Banquet: a lavish meal; feast OR a ceremonious public dinner, especially one honouring a person, benefiting a charity, etc.

Banqueting: to have or attend a banquet; feast: E.G "They banqueted on pheasant, wild boar, and three kinds of fish."

Chiavari Chair Venue

The wild boar may be pretty rare at modern day banquets but pheasant and fish can still often be on the menu! Anyway, we can see from the descriptions above, that a banquet is usually a very grand event and often a celebration.

Film fans might be picturing scenes from favourite movies with medieval feasting and regal hungry diners tucking into chunks of greasy meat (and the bones) using their fingers! Otherwise known as the modern day wedding reception!

Here at Ningbo Furniture we are fully geared up for the modern incarnation of the banquet with a range of chairs ideal for wedding receptions and celebration dinners. They come in various shapes, sizes and finishes so let’s take a quick look

  • Steel Banqueting Chairs – These are available in the following styles - Emperor, Spoon Back & Square Back
  • Aluminium Emperor – This is lighter than its steel relative but possesses all of the same stylish looks and features
  • Cheltenham Banqueting Chairs – These can be bought with or without seat pads. If you choose to opt for seat pads, you can mix and match your colours to create or closely resemble your chosen special event colour schemes.
  • Chiavari Chair – One of the most popular banquet chairs on the market – check out our Chiavari Chair blog post to see just how popular!
  • Napoleon Banquet Chair – Napoleon himself probably sat through many a banquet in his time (in between sea battles) and this example bearing his name is another great chair in the range. Again you can mix and match colours and seat pads if you wish.
  • Banquet Chair Trolley – Not only are all of the above chairs stackable (about 8 high in most cases) but they also have their very own, specially designed trolley to make transporting them and moving them around the venue much, much easier. This makes setting up (often against the clock) much quicker and the same when it comes to clearing up at the end of your celebration event.

So, if you are currently planning a wedding, anniversary dinner or other celebration, make sure you dine in style with our banquet furniture.

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