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3ft Round Wooden Trestle Tables

This 3ft wooden folding table is just one of a number of round tables we stock at Ningbo Furniture. This is certainly the smallest in its range but like its larger relatives, is an extremely useful table. When it’s delivered to you, you won’t have anything to assemble or construct, simply unfold the collapsible legs, lock into position and it’s ready to use. Once you have put a tablecloth on (there are visible but flush rivets in the surface), you could use them for a wide variety of functions and events. Popular for church halls (catering tables), sports clubs and care homes, they really are very versatile.

If you are wondering which of our chairs will work well in tandem with your new tables, then the answer is that many of them will work perfectly but a couple of good examples might be the steel square backed banqueting chair or the steel spoon backed chair (available with or without arms).

We also stock a table trolley, on which you can stack up to 20 of these round tables quite safely for transportation and storage.

Call us or email us to find out much more about these or any of our other furniture products.

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